ProMax 3D Imaging

The ProMax 3D Family Ultra-Low-Dose Protocol Achieves an Average of 77% Reduction in Radiation Dose!

What is The ProMax 3D?

The ProMax 3D is the most advanced digital imaging system on the market to date. Combining three different 3D renderings, the ProMax 3D is the industry’s first to render a virtual, three-dimensional model of your mouth extraorally, with an even lower patient dose than traditional panoramic imaging. These complete, 3D renderings enable us to create and fit your same-day crowns with digital-precision, take your yearly x-rays, and identify potential issues undetectable by traditional 2D imaging earlier, saving you money, and preserving your family’s well-being along the way.

If you took intraoral bitewings like this, you never would have seen something like this!

Why Do We Care About Radiation?

Radiation has many ill-effects on your body. Anderson Dental has holds itself to a higher standard when it comes to the health of you and your family. We dedicate our lives to providing the most thorough and highest quality dental care, by the safest means possible.

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