TMJ Treatment


If you are looking for answers about TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint Disorder) pain, your dentist at Anderson Dental in Rapid City SD is a good place to start.

TMJ is a common disorder used to describe the dysfunction of the jaw muscles and joints. Symptoms of TMJ can be popping or clicking of the jaw when you open and close your mouth. It can also include clenching, grinding, neck pain, jaw pain, wear on teeth, and severe migraines. Symptoms are treated very successfully with a custom fitted mouth piece called a “splint”. Splints for TMJ fit snugly on your upper teeth and are worn at night. The splint allows your jaw muscles to relax and alleviate symptoms.

If you have frequent headaches, migraines and jaw pain, you may be suffering from TMJ disorder. TMJ is a common disorder that can cause headaches, teeth grinding, migraines, jaw pain, popping and clicking of the jaw, and severe wear on teeth. Most all of these symptoms can be treated by making a “splint” or night guard. Splints for TMJ fit tightly on your upper teeth and is worn at night to help alleviate any pain that you are experiencing.




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