Migraine Help


Anderson Dental in Rapid City SD now has an effective non-drug method of preventing headaches and jaw pain for our Black Hills patients!

If you suffer from:

  • A painful, aching jaw
  • Sore, sensitive teeth
  • A stiff neck
  • Migraine or tension headaches

You may suffer from chronic clenching and teeth grinding. 44 million Americans do! Clenching your teeth while asleep and during the day is the result of some of the strongest muscles in your body tensing up. This can even damage surrounding joints, teeth, and other muscles.

If you suffer from these conditions, you should know about the NTS-tss device. This FDA-cleared device is a major breakthrough that can help stop headaches, jaw pain, stiff neck pain and sensitive teeth. The NTI-tss device has been used successfully with hundred of thousands of patients in the United States and many other countries. It has received marketing allowances from the FDA and complies with all requirements as a cleared dental device.

In just one office visit, we can create a custom-made NTI-tss dental device for you. The tiny, clear-plastic device fits over your bottom two teeth and is typically only worn while you sleep at night. It makes clenching virtually impossible, eliminating teeth grinding altogether. In only a few days or weeks, your clenching reflex is suppressed. The NTI-tss device may then eliminate the need for prescription and over-the-counter pain medications that you currently need to take.




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